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If you are inspired by this website

--or think we are slanted in our presentation, or think we need more sources--

 submit your own videos!



How to do it

  • Optimally, obtain a cellphone which does great video, or buy a pocket camcorder which is totally easy to carry and use, so  that you will be ready to pull it out quicker than a cowboy's draw.

  • Be on the lookout for people who seem happy in general,  especially when they are not talking to other people.  Most specifically, look for people who either knock you out with their joy when you are talking to them, who you are innately drawn to, or who have a relaxed and peaceful sense around their eyes, and a very slight smile on their lips, when they are just doing things like choosing between apples and oranges at the supermarket. These people are totally obvious once you get the hang of it (they are about 2% of the general population, in our experience). Once you get attuned to them, you will be able to spot them from a hundred feet away!

  • Approach them. If they are truly happy, and your approach is innocent, they will not be put off by you at all. If they seem to be put off, they are not the ones you are looking for, and you should walk away. As you approach, ask them if they are happy--that is, do they tend to be happy or joyful much of the time;

  • If they spontaneously answer "Yes!", then take out your camera, tell them about JoyfulAmerica.org, and ask if you can interview them for a couple of minutes, to spread their experience and advice to the rest of the world.

  • As you begin the video, ask them once again if they are generally a happy person-- and then them to say why they think they are happy, what they think created it in their life.

  • Be sure to ask them if they have been generally  happy all of their life. Most often, that will be the case-- and when it isn't, the story gets extra interesting. This question is especially important if they say they are happy because of a particular belief system or spiritual practice.

  • In all cases, ask about the influence of their early family life, what it was like.

  • It is also important to ask: "When you for some reason get upset or find yourself unhappy, exactly what do you do to turn it around? What is the exact mechanism you use to come back to peace or joy?" (or something like that)."

  • Also ask, if  you wish, "What advice do you think you could give other people?"

  •  Make them feel welcome to tell where people could learn more about their particular approach to life, and to state their full name and email address if they wish.

  • They can speak as long as they wish, but remember the attention span of the typical YouTube viewer.

Its funny how the same simple questions can bring completely varied wisdom(s) from a wide range of people.

In all cases, after you finish the interview, with the camera still running, ask them to state their email address.  We will edit this out of the video, but use it to contact them if we have  questions or would like more information about their approach to life or spirituality. Maybe their inclusion will open a whole new door for people who are looking for truth!

Please inform them that we will contact them when their video has been posted. If they do not like it in any way, we will remove the video upon their direction. We don't depend upon any one person for the success of this website.

YOU WILL BECOME AN EXPERT AT INTERVIEWING in a short period of time. THE MAIN TRICK IS, LOOK FOR THE JOY IN PEOPLE'S FACES, AND APPROACH THEM. Joyful people will never be offended at your spotting of them.



  • After you are done,  (edit, and add titles, if you wish) post it on YouTube, and send the link to: webmaster@joyfulAmerica.org  . Or, contact us at the same address to find out how to send us the original video, and we will do the titles, minor sprucing, etc., and then put it up ourselves.

BE AWARE THAT viewers have extremely good BS meters. If you or your subject is just trying to convert others to his or her point of view, and does not exude a sense of deep peacefulness or joy, the video will sink to the bottom of the pile and have no long-term effect on anyone. If this fakery is totally obvious, the video will simply not be posted.

In other words, fakey smiles and a pumped-up sense of energy, and, especially ranting, won't translate to success on this website. If a person talks about a particular approach to happiness or or a particular religion, and does not exude peacefulness and deep joy, they either don't belong on this website, or, at the worst, are living a lie.




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Bruce Grady, Webmaster