We ask happy people

how they got that way.


Antoine: From depression to  infectious joy


Billy: believes in Jesus, being present and giving love.


Jennie: Decided to be happy at a young age.


Matei: Wisdom from a 9-year-old boy.



Steve was unhappy only one day in his life, and now has great experiences!


Fana grew up in a country where "everybody is happy"


His story is so real, especially for those of us who have troubles.



Her family creates  happiness, it never stops.



Joanne: Travels the world teaching about Jesus


Deanna Watt: Self-taught happiness


Pradheep: Live a pure life ; volunteer your time.


Jackie: Transcendental Meditation, celestial perception, joy from a young age


Chris: Grateful to be born in the U.S.


Jon: Realized as a teenager that it was stupid to be sad.


Corey Haynes:  Honesty, "Pay it Forward".


Rick: The willingness to accept emotional pain, can itself be a path to joy.


Greg: Take a step back. Founder of the "Love Club"


Good Christian man; learned to face the dark side.

Counting her blessings every day.




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